Izzati has always been very enthusiastic about colours that surrounds her world. From the age of 5, given her first set of color pencils and paper she has always loved expressing herself through art and is at peace doing it. 

Izzati dedicates herself totally to her canvas piece each time she paints. Her studied strokes and thick dabs of vibrant colours present not only ‘imaginary friends’ and characters but also elaborate representation of people, places and peculiar socio-environmental issues.

In the past decade, she had exhibited or participated in many significant exhibitions, both on local and international platforms and has won prestigious awards through her unique creative expression.

Also a member artist of the Balai Seni Negara digital platform Gogallery.my, a 3 min ‘lockdown ART video’ of Izzati at work during the lockdown was also featured when she won the competition.

Izzati’s artworks are in the collection of Tun Daim, Raja Mariam, Tuanku Puan Muda Perlis, Maybank Foundation and others.

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