Haziq has loved animals from very young. Lacking in speech, he learnt to express his passion through drawings. Animals are the the main subject of his paintings especially of the feline family. From as young as 4 years old, he was often asked to sketch animals. In his own unique style, an elephant would emerge from toes and a zebra would take its shape after the stripes are drawn. 

Eyes are prominently drawn with emotions as if to help tell a story. A drawing tablet was constantly by his side. Haziq’s  first ever painting was done on a whole wall of  his kindergarten and he called it ‘Friends’ even though sadly he did not have any. After completion of school he worked several years in an NGO producing art and craft for sale. His sketches were used in handmade  cards, tags, decals and Christmas goodies. 

He only began painting on canvas with acrylic paints at the age of 24 years, after an art teacher competent with differently-abled persons introduced him to the the world of art. To date Haziq has included landscape and nature as subjects and choses sunsets as his favored time of day. His latest artwork collection  features a series of musicians with their musical instruments, inspired by his love of music. 

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